Still Here
view from the performance, metal pieces in various sizes, light and video projection, Apartment Project, Berlin 2018 

Still Here / Performance
Apartment Project

Ceren Oykut (live drawing) // Yuko Matsuyama(sound&move) performing artist(singer and dancer)based in Berlin. // Joshua Tennent(sound)ambient electronic producer based in Berlin. // KAI (projection and light control) artist focused on kinetic sculptures and room&stage installations based in Berlin. // photo: Henryk Weiffenbach // video: Mareike Krumm

Still Here, a view from the work in progress at the metal studio Werkstatt44 metal pieces in various sizes, light projection 
Berlin 2018

Still Here / solo exhibition
Apartment Project Berlin

Still Here is the first solo exhibition of Ceren Oykut after she moved from her hometown Istanbul to Berlin on March 2017. The exhibition took shape in a one-year period of time as an installation in Apartment Project bringing together three different works she made in Istanbul and Berlin. Still Here tells us the story of a resident alien. In fact, the chaotic process of Ceren Oykut’s migration can be observed in the body of her installation. 

Detail from the German study notebook, Istanbul-Berlin 2016-17

Ceren Oykut&Fezayafirar, Project Space Festival, Berlin, 2018

Black On Black
By Ceren Oykut & Fezayafirar

Bande á Part ‒ Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter presents:
A SILENT ROOM ‒ Movement & Sound Improvisation Vol.9
13 March 2018, Eschschloraque, Berlin

Installation view from the studio; 
acrylic and pencil on papers in various sizes, Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2017