Verrückt, 2017

Site-specific installation for the group exhibition NO MATTER
acrylic on wall, Apartment Project Berlin, 2017

As Ceren Oykut was living and working in Istanbul and considering herself a storyteller, the fast change in the social and political environment in Turkey made her move and settle in Berlin on March 2017. In his new city with a very different history, as a start, she considered her German notebook while she was taking during German courses as her first working space, her main guide, a container of handwritings, doodles and speech bubbles researching and registering a contradiction: a process of adaptation and alienation.
On June 2017, Oykut have realized a site-specific drawing installation for the group show NO MATTER in the Apartment Project.
 She enlarged a collage made out of doodles/handwritings from her notebook onto the walls and transformed them into a large black and white wall painting.This first work she have installed on the walls, like a web spun by a spider, became her first "home".