City Can
Solo exhibition, Underconstruction Contemporary Art Space, Istanbul, 2006

City Can is dealing with Istanbul as a city of dreams and nightmares. It goes beyond traditional drawing by extending the picture into space. The work surrounds the spectator. It shows a heterogeneous urban cosmos, in which millions of stories can be observed. Instead of being a wall-drawing, the work is a space-drawing, a time and site spesific installation.Ceren Oykut transfers the classic medium into contemporary forms in order to adjust the act of drawing to today’s reality. She poses the eyes of a child combined with the mind of a scientist. The artist researches Istanbul and reveals the stories of the city dwellers living within the chaos and absurdity of everyday life. Ceren Oykut belongs to this city, is an active part of it.City Can functions like a subjective archive, a visual pool of the streets of Istanbul. The artist draws what she sees. The result is an all over composition, a complex structure without any focus. Like the city itself, there is no centre in Oykut’s work. She creates an individual map, in which details are more important than a general impression, a picturesque wiew or any tourist attraction.Turkis Miniature as well as caricature, satire and humour in general (mizah) have evident influences on her work. On the walls of Under Construction, she individually reproduces her direct surrounding, the urban context she lives in. Though, different from real life, in Oykut’s work, everything and every being have same formal and conceptual importance. The freedom of miniature is adjusted to the freedom of the mind.City Can translocates parts of Istanbul into Under Constuction. In the installation, the spectator sees scenes that Ceren Oykut watched on her way from Boyacıköy, over Başiktaş, the Bosphorus, Kadıköy to Under Construction in Maltepe during the installation’s production time of three weeks. The work is like a record of seen incidents, which she saved in her memory and later drew on the wall. She took various ways to the exhibition space to see as many different stories as possible. The result of this research is a compressen image of Istanbul. There, everything is in a state of permanent flux. The city, the construction site and Oykut’s installation are constantly developing. Together they form one liquid composition. İt resembles a concert, in which the sound of Istanbul gets created: The machines of the construction site form the rhythm, and the pencil dances an the walls to the melody of the city.In City Can, time and space stop existing. The spectator steps out of real life in order to discover Istanbul. Therefore, Oykut’s work shows one of art’s basic functions:Art becomes an instrument for researching and questioning society by forming parallel realities which represents models of our world. In her installation, we see our city through the eyes of somebody who is observing from a differet angle.Ceren Oykut’s work reflects the paradox of being a distant observer and individual activist. City Can gives us a feedback. What we see is what we live with. The spectator is wellcomed to enter the installation in order to discover various faces of Istanbul, this beautiful monster. Istanbul is more than an accumulation of concrete, steel and glass. Istanbul is made by its inhabitants. We create Istanbul everyday new...  
          Marcus Graf

Born in Istanbul, 1978. Graduated from Mimar Sinan University Painting Department on 2002. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kişisel Sergiler / Solo Exhibitions

2016   Swimmers In The Field, Comic Salon Erlangen, Germany
2015   Konstantiniye Ve Ayasofya Defterleri/ Scetchbooks Of Constantinople And Hagia Sophia, Galata Greek                                             School, Istanbul
            Tarlada Yüzenler/ Swimmers In The Field, x-ist, Istanbul
2013   What Is My Name, solo project in Present Future exhibition, Artissima art Fair, Torino, Italy
           Hayal Meyal / Indistinct, x-ist, Istanbul
2011   Mayom İçimde*/ With Bathing Suit On Underneath, artSümer, Istanbul
2010   Orijinal, Altyazısız / Original, No Subtitles, artSümer, Istanbul
2008   Kayıp Pasaport / Lost Passport, Kibla Multimedijski Center, Maribor, Slovenya / Slovenia
2006   Müzikal Desenler, Karaburun Festivali, Izmir
           Şehir Konservesi / City Can, Under Construction Contemporary Art Space, Istanbul
           Şehir Konservesi Kuştepe Şubesi/City Can Kuştepe Bench, Under Construction Contemporary Art Space,
2005   Ütopya / Utopia, Karaburun Festivali, Izmir2002   

Seçme Karma Sergiler / Selected Group Exhibitions

2016   Don't Be Late Home, Istanbul Modern, Iatenbul, Curated by Cem Sorguç
2015   Line, Art Rooms, Kyrenia, Cyprus, Curated by Basak Senova
           Kentsel Adalet, Cer Modern, Ankara
           Istanbul, Passion, Joy, Fury, MAXXI, Rome, Curated by Hou Hanru and Ceren Erdem
2014    Stay With Me, Apartment Project, Berlin
           Jerusalem Show, part of Qualandia International, curated by Basak Senova
           The Nature Of The Material, Polistar, İstanbul, curated by Adnan Yildiz
           A Universe Supplementary To This One, curated by Fatoş Üstek, x-ist, Istanbul
2013    Online, Kuad Gallery, Istanbul
           Kirli Çıkı, Bant Mag mekan, Istanbul
2012    Journeys. Wanderings in contemporary Turkey, curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, Espace Culturel Louis 
            Vuitton, Paris
           Hesaplaşma/Aftermath, curated by Başak Şenova, Akbank Kültür Ve Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul
           Siyah/White, curated by Başak Şenova, CDA Projectis, Istanbul
2011    La Production de l’Espace: Kent Üzerine Bir Sergi, ALANistanbul, Istanbul                  
           Destroy Istanbul, organized by Bant Magazine, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin
2010    Le Strade / Roads, Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte, Pisa
           Diverçity: Learning from Istanbul, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujadowski, curated by Serra 
           Özhan and Kaja Pavelek, Warsaw
           Park:bir ihtimal / Park: a possibility, curated by Can Altay, Maçka Cumhuriyet Parkı, Istanbul
2009    İz Sürmek / Tracing, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul
           The Spectacle Of The Everyday, 10. Uluslararası Lyon Bienali / 10th International Lyon 
           Biennial,curated by Hou Hanru, Lyon,
           Quel Istanbul?, curated by François Saint Pierre, Centre de Photographie de Lectoure, Lectoure
           Telaşa Mahal Yok / No Room For Panic, Galeri Outlet, Istanbul
           I Dream But..(with Selda Asal and Serdar Ateşer) Maison Folie Moulins de Lille, Lille
           Istanbul Traversée, curated by Caroline Naphegyi, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Lille
2008    Zig-Zag, Curated by Koray Kantarcıoğlu and İnci Furni, Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul
           Index. Zeichen des Alltags, curated by Deniz Ova and Daniela Gregori, Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Vienna
           İstanbul Üzerine Olasılıklar, Sezgiler, Kurgular/Coincidences, Intuitions, Fictions on Istanbul, curated 
           by Deniz Erbaş, Atlas Pasajı, Istanbul
           Save as..., curated by Derya Yücel, Trienniale Bovisa, Milano / Milan
2007    Allah Korkusu, Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul
           Işık, Aydınlanma ve Elektrik / Light, Illumination and Electricity, curated by başak şenova, Enerji 
           Müzesi, Istanbul
           Slow Space Fast Pace,curated by Rana Öztürk, Cork
           2+1, Nice Kids, with Selda Asal and Neriman polat, 10th Istanbul Biennial, curated by Hou Hanru, 
           Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul
           Sahibinden Manzaralı / From The Owner With View, curated by Derya Yücel, Ortaköy, Istanbul
           Hiç Bir Şey Yolunda Gitmiyor / Nothing Is Going To Be Allright, Apartment Project,Istanbul
           Ardından Değil Karşısına, street exhibition organized by Radikal Newspaper, curated by Övül 
           Durmuşoğlu, Istanbul.
2006    Herşey Çok Güzel Olacak / Everything’s Gonna Be Allright, Apartment Project, Istanbul
           Tepki Nöbetleri / Rejection Episodes, curated by Basak Senova,  Vooruit Arts Center, Ghent, Belçika / 
           Yerel Cennet / Local Heaven, Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Diyarbakır
           Topkapı, Spedition, Bremen, Almanya / Germany
           Yalanla İlgili Her Şey / All About Lies, Apartment Project, Istanbul
           Postcards from Stockholm/Istanbul, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stokholm / Stockholm,(with Selda Asal)
           İstanbul Defterdarları, Karşı Sanat, Istanbul
2005    Procje: İmalat Hatası / Project: Production Fault, Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Antrepo, Istanbul
           Young Art Europe, Museum of Young Art, Viyana / Vienna
           Öcü, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin
           Hırsız Kent / Thief City, curated by Levent Çalıkoğlu Aksanat, Istanbul
2004    Ziyaretçi / The Visitor, curated by Emre Baykal and Rob Peree Galerist, Istanbul
           23. Uluslararası Günümüz Sanatçıları Sergisi / 23. International Contemporary Artists Exhibition,
           curated by basak senova, Eyal Danon, Istanbul-Diyarbakır
           Sıkıntı ve Gökkuşağı, Aksanat, Istanbul
2003    Belvü Apartmanı / Belvü Apartment, Istanbul
2001    Dükkan Dövmeciyan, Anabala Han, Istanbul


2010   Le Strade / Roads, Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte, Pisa, İtalya / Italy
2009   hosted by Lille3000 for the exhibitions "I dream but.." and "Istanbul Traversée", Lille
2007  -Light, İllumination and Electricity, Santral Istanbul, Istanbul           
         -Topkapı, Spedition, Bremen  
         -Open Sound Studio, with Anabala, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2005   K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration, hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
2004   K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration, hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
2003   K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration, hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
2002   K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration, hosted by Stad Köln, Köln


-Roll, İstanbul (2004-2009)
-Express, İstanbul (2004-2005)
-Bant, İstanbul (2006-2011)
-Bir-Bir, İstanbul (2010-2011)
-Radikal Newspaper (2010, 2012)
-Vs. Dergi, İstanbul (2004)
-L-inc Magazine For Contemporary Drawing, Wien (2006)
-KONTROL, perspectives on control in the course of contemporary art, culture, technology, information  
 channels, and politics, internet magazine (2006)
-Fuct-D Magazine For Contemporary Drawing, Berlin (2007)
-Visitor guide for the group exhibition “Istanbul Traverseé”, Lille (2009)

Books Contributed

-Hurrem, Writer: Barış Pirhasan, İletişim Yayınları (2011)
-Lapses, Editor: Başak Şenova,Venice Biennal Turkish Pavillon (2009)
-Istanbul Zombi 2066, Mery Cuesta, Tan cemal Genç, Göksu Gül, Emir Yardımcı, Cem Dinlenmiş, Ceren Oykut  
-Define Bahçesi, Writer: Görkem Yeltan, Büyülü Fener Yayınları (2007), Kırmızıkedi (2013)
-Hafriyat Ameleleri, Derleme, Hafriyat Yayınları (2007)
-İstanbul Defterdarları, Compilation, Collector: Tan Cemal Genç, Hafriyat Yayınları (2006)

Salıncak/Swing, 2006